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Too Big?

Fortune's article on HP's downward spiral is entirely too long and occasionally naive - but all in all, it is gripping. (See Forbes: How HP Lost Its Way: The Inside Story.) I cannot attest to the degree its true because - and I know this comes as an enormous shock - I didn't work directly with Mark Hurd when I was there. What I do recall from my two years at HP is the bad behavior that comes with cuts that are issued sans strategie and go too deep. It's unfortunate the spiral has continued for so long because HP - at least the services division - is stacked with enormous talent. I would like to see HP succeed for their benefit - and because I enjoy the competition between the big players. They're not too big to fail - nor are they too big to succeed. HP would have an exceptional value proposition (the market leader in providing a full end-to-end spectrum of integrated hardware, software and services solutions) if only they could stop tripping over themselves.

Unlike the author of the exposé, I am optimistic about HP's future under Meg Whitman.