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Yes. It is a risk!

As a heavy user of LinkedIn, I was disappointed to read headlines yesterday about the Russian hacker who stole 6.5 million passwords. (See CNNMoney: More than 6 million LinkedIn passwords stolen.) The first thing I did was change my LinkedIn password. It took a whopping 1 minute of my time. Imagine my dismay today as I read this article on Mashable telling you about a secure Web site where you can enter your LinkedIn password to see whether it's one of the ones that was stolen. And if it was stolen? Then you should change your password.

Oh my gosh.

It reminds me of this funny Belgian guy named Jan that I worked with years ago. He explained to me once that he had saved the number in his cell phone that you call if you lose your cell phone. I pointed out that if he loses his cell phone he will have also lost the number he needs to call.

"Yes," he said, pausing to consider the dilemma. "It is a risk."

Poor Jan. He's probably testing his LinkedIn password on that Web site right now...