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Why the yahoos at Yahoo are wrong...

The announcement this week by Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer that remote workers must now sit in a Yahoo office to work has unleashed a firestorm of criticism. [See the WSJ's "Yahoo Work from Home Edict Fires Debate".] On one hand, Mayer is correct that there are times when face to face interaction eases collaboration and certainly it's easier for Old School type managers to 'manage' employees they can observe. If the parking lot is full and everyone is busy typing something, then we must be productive, right?

Maybe not.

Research continues to show that productivity increases when employees work from home. Offices are noisy and distracting with Bob's Monday morning quarterbacking and Sue's coordination of lunch plans. And - sorry but I chuckle pointing this out - isn't the face-time argument a moot point if your company has more than one office?!?!?!? Ultimately, employees will be collaborating via email, instant messages, audio and videoconf…