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Bill Gates and our future...

I recently saw film footage of Bill Gates back in 1990 explaining what we would come to know as The Internet. He knew. We didn't. But five years later? The whole world had changed. I finished grad school in Austria in 1995 and found my first job in Dallas on a website called It later changed its name to

As a child in the 70s, I read a storybook about a family in the future where the kids attended a virtual school. The book explained how the kids saw their teacher through a monitor which would swap over to show them their reading material and assignments. Sound familiar? It's how my niece did 7th grade last year.

Fortune has done a couple of pieces on Bill Gates' investment in online education - specifically in the Khan Academy. [See: "When Sal Khan met Bill Gates," October 2012, and "Bill Gates' Favorite Teacher," August 2010.] A century ago, high schools commonly offered rooms for boarding students. The proliferation of publi…