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Digital Disruption and the Future of PPM

And just like that, six years flew by! Just kidding. I wrote a blurb for a team newsletter recently and thought I'd share it here.

PPM careers are entering a forced evolution: In 10 years, Gartner predicts traditional project management will be performed by artificial intelligence, smart machines and IoT - which sounds exciting unless traditional PM is what you do.

Within the IT industry, we refer to technology as having occurred in three “platforms” or eras: first, the emergence of mainframe computing in the 1950s, followed by client server, relational databases, local area networks and PCs beginning in the 80s, and a third era, beginning in the 2000s of cloud, mobile, social and big data technologies. (There’s no consensus yet on what defines “fourth platform” technology, but it’s likely to include artificial intelligence, grid, Internet of Things and other innovations TBD.)

As technology has evolved, our models of IT management and service delivery have shifted incrementally to…